Centre for Women Studies

About the Centre:- 
 The introduction of Women’s studies is a major break-through of National Policy on Education,1986. UGC established many centres in Universities. Centre for Women’s Studies in Mysore University is one of the earliest centres started by UGC in the year 1989. Since then, the Centre has been engaged in teaching, research, publication, curriculum development, material production and capacity building of women managers in higher education. 
The main focus of XII Plan period will be on-

  • •    Interdisciplinary approach and theoretical grasp that enhances the understanding of society by highlighting feminist perspectives.
  • •    Constant interaction with field reality through field action programmes that feed into academic activity.
  • •    Partnership within WSCs and with other scholars, institutions (both public and private) and movements/NGOs working with women who have been playing a significant role in facilitating the national goals of establishing a secular, inclusive, equitable and just society in the new millennium. Women Studies Centre can be advised to work with gender sensitization cells and other stakeholders 
  • •    Building Women’s Studies perspective across Centres with a special focus on the newly established ones in both universities and colleges
  • •    Achieving excellence and expansion will be on the basis of emerging knowledge and educational technologies that increase access and participation an efficiency in operationalisation.

•As the subject is growing one, Women’s studies  has been inducing in under graduate colleges  as a subject 
•All development initiatives of Government have gender aspect. Programmes need people with gender expertise.
•Non-governmental organisations working for women’s  empowerment need gender expertise
•Counseling services to victims of gender based  violence
 •Private/Corporate sector needs gender expertise