Brief History of Department

 LEGACY OF THE DEPARTMENT - As old as University. 

Estd. in 1916 by Prof. A.R. Wadia, Oxford return

  • Prof. Sarvapalli Radhakrishan who  later became the president of India was the  Professor (1918-1921) and wrote here his first book “ Philosophy of Rabindranath Tagore”
  • Distinguished professors who were The Vice Chancellors of the University
    Prof. K.T. Brajendranath Seal - 1921 – 1929
    Prof. N.A. Nikam - 1960 – 1962
  • Prominent Scholars Behind the Development of the Department 
    Prof. M. Hiriyanna
    Prof. K.R. SrinivasaIyengar
    Prof. M. Yamunacharya
    Prof. H.N. Raghavendrachar
    Prof. H.K. RajaRao
    Prof. C.V. SrinivasaMurthy
    Prof. Mendonsa
  • Professors who worked in other Universities &  Colleges 
    Prof. S.L. Byrappa, well known novelist
    Prof. L.V. Rajagopal
    Prof. H.T. Shanta
  • Philosophy Students who gained reputation in other fields  
    Prof. K.V. Putttappa (Kuvempu), renowned Kannada poet and novelist and Ex. V.C. of Mysore university
    Prof. A.N. Murthy Rao, noted  literature
    Prof. V. Sitaramaiah, noted  literature and economist
    Prof. H. Krishna Rao 
    Prof. M.V. Krishna Rao, Professors of  Political Science
  • Professors from the Department who occupied high position in other Institutions
    Prof. Yamunacharya     
    Honorary Director, Gandhian Studies, MGM
    Prof. M. Ramachandra    
    Honorary Director, Gandhian Studies, MGM (1996-2005)
    Prof. M. Ramachandra    
    Honorary Director, Centre for Ambedkar Studies, MGM (2001)

 Departmental research activities

Completed In Progress
  1. Relevance of Gandhian Philosophy
  2. Philosophy of Sri Ramana
  3. Bharatha’s Concept of Nritta
  4. Basava and Ambedkar
  5. Sri Ramakrishna’s concept of Universal Religion
  6. Martin Buber and Sri Madhwacharya (comparative)
  7. Tibetan Buddhism with special reference to Tsang Khapa
  8. Atisa’s Bodhipathapradipa
  9. Theravada Buddhistic view of woman
  10. Philosophy of Aurobindo
  11. Social Philosophy of Lord Buddha
  12. Social Philosophy of Sri Vinoba
  13. Prajapita Movement and Madhwa’s Philosophy (Comparative)
  14. Aurobindo’s concept of Mother.
  1. Gandhian Concept of Sarvodaya
  2. Christian Concept of Human upliftment
  3. Rajaram Mohanrai’s social reformation
  4. Humanism of Swami Vivekananda and Dr. B.R. Ambedkar (comparative)
  5. Buddhistic Influence on Dr. B.R. Ambedkar
  6. Philosophy of Allama Prabhu
  7. Concept of consciousness in Theravada Buddhism
  8. Science of Tantra and the art of Nritya
  9. Marcellian exitentialism and Madhwa Vedanta (comparative)
  10. Concept of Sangha in Theravada Buddhism
  11. Buddhistic concept of peace with special reference to Thich Mhat Hanh
  12. Ambedkar’s Philosophy of Religion
  13. Jaina Concept of Ahimsa
  14. Philosophy of Dr. B.R. Ambedkar
  15. Social Philosophy of Basava
  16. A Philosophical study of Kuvempu
  17. Social Philosophy of Swami Vivekananda
  18. Mahalingaranga’s Anubhavamrutha
  19. Vedantam Shivarama Shastri and Advaita Vedanta
  20. Ethical Philosophy of Sarvajna
  21. Religion and Science according to Swami Vivekananda
  22. Bhavadgeeta and World Peace
  23. Mahabharatha’s View of Dharma
  24. Ramayana and the Ideal State
  25. Role of Public Library in Social Welfare (interdisciplinary)

 Status of the Department (FIST/SAP/DRS)    : NIL

Chair/Fellowship/Medals (if any)

  • Chair affiliated to the Department - Swamy Vivekananda Chair -  Established in 1996
    • Visiting Professors of the Chair
      Prof. Prabhu Shankara 
      Prof. S.K. RamachandraRao
      Prof. H. Ramachandra Swamy
      Prof. H.N. Muralidhara
      Dr.R. Balasubramaniam, MBBS., M.D.
      Prof. G.N. Rechanna  as on date
  • Medals  & Prizes  Instituted
    • Prof. M. Hiriyanna Gold Medal
    • Prof. Bhabha Memorial Gold Medal
    • Prof. S.S. Ragahavachar Gold Medal
    • Prof. C. Setubai Gold Medal
    • Prof. Venkataramanan gold Medal (Two)
    • Prof. H.T. Shanta Cash Prize (two)
    • Sri Hebbale Jayalaxmi Nanjundaiah cash Prize
    • Sri Ramana Maharshi Prize
    • Sri  Annaiah Pandit Scholraship


Best Practices (if any)

Good Practices

  • Discussion By Faculty Members of their academic Progress on 3rd Saturday of every Month
  • Conducting quiz every fortnight to improve the academic standard of the students.
  • Encouraging research scholars to share their research findings once in 3 months. 
    Co-curricular activities
  • Students’ Participation in various cultural activities and bringing several Prizes

Awards/Honors received by individual Teachers:

Sl. No. Name Name of the Award When Awarded Awarding Agency/Institution
01 Prof. M. Ramachandra Vijayashri Sanman 2005 Indian International Association
02 Prof. M. Ramachandra Rastriya Sanman Puraskar Gold Medal by 2007 Intellectual People’s Economic Growth Association, Delhi

Any other Information :

  1. No. of Ph.Ds produced so far - About eighty
  2. No. of Publications
    • Articles: International - 13, National - 54
    • Books: 04
    • Seminars: International - 16, National - 38
Sl. No Names No.of Articles No.of books Produced No.of Awards No.of Ph.D Produced No.of Seminars produced
01 Prof.M.Ramachandra National - 08
International - 06
  During 2005 Awarded Vijayashree Samman for outdtsnding servie to the academic field 05 International - 07
National - 08
02 Prof.V.N.Sheshagiri Rao International - 10
National - 05
    13 International - 09
National - 11
03 Dr.S.Venkatesh 05       04 05
04 Dr.H.L.chandrashekara 09 04     05
05 Dr.M.Vijayalakshmi 05       09
06 Dr.v.Vanaja 02       02
07 Dr.M.Daniel 03       02
Name Secretary / Member Seminar Year
Prof. M. Ramachandra Founding Organizing Secretary International Congress of Social philosophy 2000 till date
Prof. M. Ramachandra Founding General Secretary Karnataka Darshana Parishath 2000 till date
Prof. M. Ramachandra Founding Member International Congress of Yoga and Spiritual Science 2006 till date

Association with Academic organizations

Name Secretary / Member Seminar Year
Prof. V.N. Sheshagiri Rao Manavika Karnataka, University quarterly, Mysore Editor Since 2005 till date
Prof. V.N. Sheshagiri Rao Journal of Social Sciences, ICSSR, New Delhi Referee to Review Articles  

No. of Research Scholars currently Working  - 25

Visits Abroad - Visit by   Prof. M.Ramachandra to Sri Lanka (Piliyandala) in 2005 to  present a paper on “Perspectives of   Philosophy in Asian    context” - The Programme Sponsored by the Institute of Missiology, Germany.

New Courses proposed to be introduced

  • M. Phil.
  • Applied Philosophy & Yoga
  • Managerial Ethics
  • Eco-Philosophy
  • Value based Education
  • Vedantic Studies  (Advanced)
  • Buddhistic Studies   (Advanced)
  • Philosophy of Science
  • Comparative Religion