University Evening College

         University Evening College, one of the four constituent colleges of University of Mysore, completes 50 years in July 2015. It is significant that the Golden Jubilee of the College coincides with the Centenary of the University of Mysore. There is, therefore, just cause for jubilation that the college, which started with just a few students in 1965, has now nearly a thousand students on the rolls. It gives me great joy to offer congratulations to the College — the students, the teachers and the administration on the occasion of its Golden jubilee. I feel obliged to extend my congratulations and thanks to the Vice-chancellor, his administrative staff and various other unseen and unknown personnel who have been responsible for this College’s success and achievement. Fifty years ago, the college set out certain goals of imparting education to all, disseminating knowledge and promotion of skills. Faithfully so, the College community has not only fulfilled these goals, but has taken it up as a responsibility to promote these ideas in future too.


           Our students have always successfully imbibed in them a unique spirit of community, secular ideologies, a sense of democratic and institutional responsibility and above all the celebration of diversity. The College has indeed helped all its students maintain a balance between excellence and social responsibility. Many noted personalities like Nagatihalli Chandrashekar and many more well known academics, civil servants, social workers, artists, film makers, authors, educationists and lawyers comprise our alumna hall of fame. During the Golden Jubilee year, we hope to bring all of them back to share with the current students their experiences and memories.


           The University Evening College was established in November, 1965, with a vision to extend the yeomen service of Graduate Education to those who have not been able to pursue their higher studies due to compelled circumstances to earn their livelihood during day time.  Many Principals in the last four decades have shouldered the responsibility towards this endeavor of the institution and contributed their might in serving the needy to fulfill their respective educational motto.   In the last one whole year of my service in the institution, I found an inherent urge and great enthusiasm in the students in pursuing their education. With limited availability of resources, the institution shows its commitment towards the students in pursuing their education in the field of Arts, Commerce and Management faculties.  Today, the Evening College is one of the Leading Colleges in Mysore by catering to the educational needs of all and sundry. 


          Though, initially, it conducted Arts Streams, in due course of time Commerce Stream and other programmes in Management, Computer Education as well as Post - Graduate Courses were added. Today, the College is drawing students from across the state and even from other parts of the country as well. During the last Academic year, the college has been successful in commencing a Master’s Programme in History and it is indeed a feather in the cap of the institution!  Our Honorable Present Vice Chancellor Prof. Rangappa, a well known academician and dignitary in the field of education has inaugurated the course and has been kind enough to extend monetary benefits to improve infrastructure facilities in the institution for furthering such endeavor.  The college lives up to the expectations of the University and the students amidst ever changing needs of the society in the field of education.


        College planned to celebrate the Golden Jubilee in a grand manner.  As a mark of the Golden Jubilee Celebrations a few more Masters’ Programmes will be commenced as there is demand for Post Graduate Courses during evening hours.  As the celebration of the Golden Jubilee takes off in this new academic year 2015-2016, every one of us must feel privileged and honoured enough to be a part of the great event, in particular, the freshers. I extend a warm welcome to the new comers as well as seniors with a hope that the Jubilee year will usher in new vistas for all the stakeholders to grow and glow.


         As we are on the threshold of the Golden Jubilee of our much revered college, in all humility, I say, “For all that has been, 'thanks'. To all that will be, 'Yes'.”. Wishing one and all a fruitful academic - jubilee year 2015-2016.