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Bagchee Associates, India. Indian book dealer Oxford University Press
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Pan Macmillion Australia : A selection of fine Australian online Bookshops and Australian Bookshops
Bertelsmann Online (BOL) Science Express - computer book store
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Sel Lipi is Sri Lanka's first Online Bookshop
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Browse, search, and order online. India's largest Book showroom. Bangalore. India, the smartest way to buy books on the web.
Books from are much lower in price.
They too will buy back your used books.
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Source of information on over 1 million books, with ordering from Hammicks. - find new, used, rare and
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A service from Swales & Willis, aiming to link the academic community to academic publishers' online catalogues
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Though much smaller than Amazon but is a leading internet bookshop
The McGraw-Hill Bookstore, New York, USA. The professional bookstore from all publishers, USA. Millionaire's Club gives
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Waterstone's The last word in Books
First & Second : India's Biggest Book stop FAB MART : Book store
First & Second : India's Biggest Book stop New & Used Book Price Comparison
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