Oriental Research Institute

  1. The Oriental Research Institute was established in Mysore by His Highness Sri. ChamarajaWodeyarBhahadur,  the then Maharaja of Mysore, in the year 1891 October. In 1916, the University of Mysore was established and the Institute became an integral part of the Mysore University.
  2. Aims and Ojbects

The aim of this Institution is to collect, preserve, collate, edit and publish the rare valuble Sanskrit and Kannada palm leaf as well as Paper Manuscripts of our nation.

  1. Total Number of Staff - 29
  2. Director - Dr. H.P. Devaki
  3. Deputy Director - 1
  4. Research Staff – 11
  5. Deputy Librarian – 1
  6. Other  Office staff – 15
  7. Rare pulications of the O.R.I
  8. Arthashastra of Kautilya

   Edited by  Dr. R. Shamashastry

  1. Sritattvanidhiof Sri MummadiKrishnarajaWodeyar, Maharaja of Mysore, 3Volumes are published. They are :
  2. ShakthiNidhi  Volume I
  3. Vishnu Nidhi   Volume II
  4. Shiva Nidhi    Volume III

and  Some other rare Sanskrit works Published.

  1. Total number of Publications  - 210
  2. Edited works are in Present  - 8
  3. Editing works in Progress – 12
  4. Descriptive Catalogues of the Sanskrit  manuscripts:

Published in 17 Volumes

  1. Total Number of manuscripts preserved both palm leaf and Paper Manuscripts  Preserved – 22,000 Bundles.

Total Number of Works Preserved – 70,000

  1. Total Number of Printed Books in the Library 38,433

(Sanskrit, Kannada, English, and Hindi etc. and other languages)

  1. Number of projects working in the O.R.I
  2. NCHS (National Centre for History of Science) project
  3. NMM (National Mission for Manuscripts) project
  4. IGNCA (Indira Gandhi National Centre for Arts)  project
  5. Oriental Research Institute gets US aid $ 50,000 from the U. S Consulate General, Chennai. For the Restoration of the heritage building of O.R.I


Kindly Visit Ori website for more details : www.ori.uni-mysore.ac.in

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