University of Mysore has established Sir M visveswaraya post graduate centre at Tubinakere, Mandya during the year 1992. During the year 2012 due to the growing demand and needs of commerce graduates, commerce courses has been established in Department of Studies in Commerce with an objective of catering the requirements of commerce students of Mandya district. Commerce course has become the most sought-after course in the early 2000’s as a result the Department of Commerce has started with a clear vision of catering the requirements of local masses who hither to exclusively depended on agriculture and allied activities.
        In year 2013 DoS in Commerce has started with a clear intent and ground breaking objectives and statements of purposes of industrious-character building and cultivating habit of industriousness. Thus, fulfilling the requirements of commerce graduates. It has clear purpose to train and educate the students in the lines of entrepreneurship and generating self employment.
       The sole purpose of DoS in Commerce is not just to training the rural Commence students in terms of employment generation but also in terms of training the prospective teachers of commerce and it’s allied area. DoS in Commerce  has  a team of young, dedicated and enthusiastic teachers who are very well trained for the  sole purpose of teaching and training the teacher.
List of faculty:
Sri S.M. Mahesh M.Com., M.Phil.,
Miss M.R. Arpitha MBA.,
Sri H.N. Gopi M.Com.,