2013-2014 History began to be taught in the centre,

Programme offered - M.A in History

29  Students admission in the Ist  Semester

2010- choice based credit system


Name of the Faculty

  1. Dr. K.Puttaraju, M.A., Ph.D., DIE
  2. Sri Mahadevaiah K, M.A.,
  3. Miss Vinutha H.N, M.A., M.Phil


Action plan for the Department of History

Special Lecture to be Organized by experts

  1. Field visit to historical place, museums, Archives & heritage place.
  2. Workshop/Seminar to be organized for students
  3. Spoken English classes and quiz conducted by the experts.
  4. Organizing exhibitions on wars, Maps, coins, Temples, Books etc.,

Organizing sports and cultural activities for students.