The Division of Kannada has its own reputation because of its unique academic activities. It has a strength of 80 students from both previous and final years. All steps have been taken to teach ancient classics in the light of contemporary developments. Weekly seminars and class assignments have become a regular feature where there has been an increasing interest in literary criticism and folk literature against a rural background to which most of them belong. The department also plans to publish a collection of student papers at the end of the year.


           Notable contribution to the Department of Kannada in terms of creative and critical work is made by its Co-ordinator Dr.S.Chandrakiran, notably in the field of the Kannada Folklore.


           The students publish a poster magazine once a month to fulfill their creative urges. It is becoming so popular that the students of the other departments at the centre are also contributing to this


           The Department also runs the M.Phil programme every year. The students intake is Ten (10).


           The faculty of the Dept. of Kannada also guiding  students for their doctoral degrees Ph.D’s awarded from 2006 to 2011=6



Faculty Members


Dr. S Chandrakiran Kulavadi             

Associate Professor   

Dr. H.T.Venkateshmurthy

 Associate Professor


  •       Dr. Devika N.S, Guest Faculty
  •      G.M. Nandeesh, Guest Faculty
  •      Dr. Hombaiah, Guest Faculty
  •      Usha Rani, Guest Faculty