The Department of Polymer science was started in the year 1993-94. It offers 2 years M.Sc course. The department has a full fledged lab with testing instruments like, Tensile strength, MFI, Interferometer, etc. The course is highly job oriented. Most of our previous students have been absorbed by industries. The department also provides research facilities.  Eight research students are working. Eight of students have Awarded for Ph.D. The areas of research are:

1. Redox polymerization, Electro polymerization and graft polymerization.

2. Miscibility studies by viscosity, interferometers, and Refractive index by solution


3. Composites from renewable resources.

4. Synthesis and characterization of Nano composites.


               The department has procured  two UGC Sponsored project worth 6.28 Lakhs & 5.28 lakhs for the studies on speciality polymers from renewable resources. The department has three teaching staff members.


Course : CBCS & CAGP  Syllabus and Credit Pattern (70+15+15)


Eligibility for admission to M.Sc., in Polymer science



B.Sc. Degree with Chemistry/Polymer chemistry as one of the subject with minimum of 50% marks for general merit (GM) Candidates and 45% for SC/ST Candidates..

Mode of selection:   Through Entrance Examination.



Faculty Members

Dr. R.L.Jagadish

Associate Professor

Specialization : Natural products & Synthetic & Organic Chemistry. Polymer blends and composites

Dr. T.Demappa

Associate Professor

Chemical Kinetics, Kinetics of Redox Polymerization. Polymer blends, Drug delivery ,  polymer composites.