Centre for Geoinformatics Technology

The Post-graduate course of M.Sc. in Geographical Information System (GIS) was started in the year 2008 under the stewardship of Dr. Ramu, the Course Coordinator at the Department of Geography, Maharaja’s College, Mysore under the UGC Innovative Programme. The M.Sc. GIS course was shifted from Maharaja’s College to the Manasagangothri Campus as an independent Centre with a change in nomenclature as “Centre for Geoinformatics Technology” vide University Notification No. AC.2(S)/401/13-14 dated 24-05-2014 and is temporarily housed at the DOS in Geography at Manasagangothri campus and the staff and students of GIS were moved into this department in July 2014.
The course delivery, at the Maharaja’s College, is for creating student-professionals with expertise in Geographical Information Systems (GIS), Remote Sensing and Global Positioning Systems (GPS) technologies as well as training a cadre of young and energetic academics well-versed in Sustainable Development perspectives much needed for the country, facing newer and difficult problems of development. In this Master of Science award of the University of Mysore, how Cartography, Remote Sensing, GIS and GPS can be used and benefited from, in every area and aspect of Sustainable Development is considered in a student-centered learning-teaching and research and hands-on environment. The course offers several transferable skills such as Basic Computer Skills, Computer Cartography, CAD, Photogrammetry, LiDAR and spatial analysis tools to query databases and manage relational databases. Many of the input data can be obtained using remotely sensed data as well as data from participatory appraisals and questionnaire surveys. For achieving and diffusing Sustainable Development, the use of spatial information technologies is indispensable. This course teaches the applications of Cartography, Remote Sensing, GIS and GPS for, and in, Sustainable Development with case studies from different countries, especially from the Global South and India.The Center has sufficient infrastructure facilities and young teachers to teach Cartography, Remote Sensing, GPS and GIS, taking the global as well as local problems of Sustainable Development. It has acquired satellite digital data products of IRS/PAN, SPOT and LANDSAT. The Centre has procured the software like ArcGIS Desktop and ERDAS Imagine for application purposes. The Centre has four mobile GPS systems facilitating surveys and mapping procedures. The GIS laboratory at the Centre is well-equipped with 1 servers and 25 clients, with each of them having access to various software packages, but most importantly Arc GIS and ERDAS Imagine.
The course offers periodic, regular special lecture programmes and practical exercises from leading spatial information technology institutions and development agencies such as ISRO, Bangalore, IIRS, Dehra Dun, Karnataka Remote Sensing Board, NNRMS, STEM, STOOP, Bangalore, Regional Remote Sensing Board, Mysore, Mysore City Corporation, Mysore Urban Development Authority, Karnataka State Transport Corporation and others to impart training and offer internships to the students.
• State Electricity Boards
• Oil and Gas Companies
• Central and State Groundwater Boards
• Municipal Corporations
• Public Sector Undertakings
• Private Industries
• IT and Multinational Companies
• Retail Industry
• Tourism Industry
• Transportation Sector
• Emergency Response Agencies
• Urban Planning Organizations
• Forest Department
• Agriculture and Irrigation Departments
• Watershed management
• Survey organization
• Health Department
• State Remote Sensing Application Centre
• Police Department
• Revenue Department
• Fisheries and Ocean Industries
• Climate change research organizations
• Rural development programme
• Environmental Management Organizations
• Telecommunications,
• Teaching and Research Centre etc.
Best Practices:
• 100 percent placement for our students from the first batch of the course.
• Every academic year, the Centre conducts National and International Seminars, Workshops, Conferences and other GIS and Remote Sensing training programs.
• Our curriculum is regularly updated based on the trends and development of the geospatial technologies.
• Students pursuing M.Sc. GIS and PG Diploma in GIS course have to do a mandatory Major Research Project in their fourth semester and Second Semester respectively as part of their curriculum. This is intended to expose students to problems associated with GIS data analysis.
• Students pursuing M.Sc. GIS have to undergo an internship for a period of 2 months to work on GIS based organizations/industries in order to gain on-the job experience. It also provides a platform for the students to find their placement.
• Free consultation in GIS: GIS and Remote Sensing is being used in several Institutes/ governmental organizations for their research activities. The Centre always provides guidance and support in the application of GIS and Remote Sensing for such organizations.