Brief History of Department:

 The University of Mysore enjoys a unique distinction in the sphere of statistical education in India, being the first university in the country to introduce statistics as a subject of study (1924, Maharaja’s College). Statistics was then taught mainly with mathematics, economics and actuarial science, but its status grew fast and in 1942, M.Sc. in Statistics was introduced which won another distinction for the University of Mysore, as the second university in India to start a postgraduate course in statistics. The postgraduate department got shifted to Manasagangotri in 1964, and entered a new phase in its history under Dr.R.P.Pakshirajan who served the department as Professor and the head till 1987. Being a distinguished probabilist, Dr. Pakshirajan developed the department into a noted centre for research in probability theory at a time when few universities in India were known for research work in this area. Dr. N. R. Mohan Madhyastha served the Department till 2003 as Professor and was instrumental in the recognition of the Department by the University Grants Commission (UGC) for financial support under its Departmental Research Support Programme. Dr. R. Vasudeva served in the Department till 2009 as Professor and Head and was the Coordinator under Cosist / Asist program of the UGC and also for the FIST program of the DST which gave more grants to the Department for Computer infrastructure and research. Professor H. V. Hebbar served the Department as Professor and head till 2007.  The Department has successfully completed the Departmental of Special Assistance I programme of the UGC in March 2009. Currently there are 3 full faculty members, 7 research scholars and about 65 post graduate students.

Departmental research activities:

 In the year 1989, in recognition of research interests of the Department, the University Grants Commission (UGC) provided Special Assistance to the Department in the form of Departmental Research Support for a period of three years, identifying Probability theory and Stochastic processes as thrust areas. Upon evaluating the progress made by the Department, the UGC, in the year 1994, extended the support for the Second Phase of three years. The Department has successfully completed UGC-SAP-DRS in 2009. Also Department has successfully completed UGC-DSA (2004-2007), UGC-COSIST (2000-2005) and DST-FIST (2001-2006) and total grant was more the one crore. The Department has been conducting National and International Conferences, Seminars, Workshops and Summer schools in Statistics for the benefit of students, college and university teachers and research scholars in Statistics. The Department conducted International conference in 1998 and 2000. The scholars and Professors from ISI Bangalore, Kolkota and Chennai are regularly visiting the Department and delivering the special lectures for the benefit of the students. The faculty of the Department have been publishing research articles since 1951 in various reputed journals of India and abroad.

Chairs/Fellowship/Medals :

 A student securing highest marks in total in the M.Sc. course is awarded a Gold medal. Another laurel added to our department is Professor R. Vasudeva (retired), has been awarded U G C Emeritus fellowship for the year 2016 – 2017 for his project titled “On the study of some heavy tailed distributions associated with stable distributions”. The department will have his skilled services for another three years.

Best Practices :

Students pursuing M.Sc. Statistics course have to do a mandatory Project Work in their fourth semester as part of their course work. This is intended to expose students to problems associated with statistical data analysis. As additional learning, students are encouraged to work on R statistical software.

Individual teachers on-going research projects:

Sl. No. Name Research Project Title Funding Agency Amount sanctioned Date of commencement Expected date of completion
01 Prof. S. Ravi On Modelling Extremes of Random Phenomenon UGC Major Research Project Rs. 12,98,600/- 01.07.2015 30.06.2018