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Digital Services

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I welcome our patrons to the Mysore University Library. The Library has served its user community for a long time and has supported the institution to grow and consolidate the excellent track in research and development.

Mysore University Library is growing to become one of the leading university libraries in the country with a rich collection of books, journals, reports, rare materials and archives, with a total collection of more than 1.2 million items in its system. The library collection grew since the days of His Highness Maharaja Shri Nalvadi Krishnaraja Wadiyar who encouraged building need-based library collection for the Raja’s Free School and also encouraged the reading habit among academic circles way back in the middle of the 19th Century.

Greetings from the Librarian


Digital Information Resource Centre

Presently 270 PCs with Internet browsing facility

Access to thousands of e-journals, e-books, e-theses, digital repositories, etc

Facilitates e-mailing, assignment and project preparation

Open from 9am to 7 pm

On an average 500 users per day visit the centre

Brings IT awareness among students


Career Information Resource Centre

Study centre for competitive examinations – UGC Net, UPSC, KPSC, Banking, etc.

Sources on General Knowledge, General Aptitude, Functional English, Numerical Ability.

Guides and question bank series

Magazines covering Career guidelines and employment opportunities


Visually Challenged Resource Centre

Assistive Technologies are made available for the visually challenged library users. The centre is equipped with modern hardware and software useful for visually challenged and low vision students. Similar facilities on a small scale have been established in the Library of Kuvempu Institute of Kannada Studies, University College of Fine Arts and the University Graduate Library. The text magnifiers are useful for low vision students. The centre has the facility to read printed books and also print Braille books. The prominent hardware and software facilities, popularly called ‘Assistive Technology’ installed at the centre are: Sara Book Reader, Angel Book Reader, Plex Talk, Prixma & Topaz Magnifiers, Bonita Mouse, Magic Key-Board, Braille Printer, Graphic Embosser, JAWS Talking Software, Duxbury Braille Translation Software, Kurzweil OCR Reading Software, Refreshable Braille Display and CD Reader. In addition to LRC for Visually Challenged, the library has Assistive Technology for Physically Challenged library users as well.

State-of-the-Art Assistive Technologies for Visually Challenged

Jaws Talking Software, Duxbury Braile Translation software, Sara Book Reader, Angel Book Reader, Plex Talk, CD Reader

Zoomex, Zoom Twix and Topaz, Prisma Readers, Bonita Mouse for low vision persons

Magic Key-board, Refreshable braille display, Braille Key-board

Braille Printer, Graphic Embosser

E-mail, Internet search facility

Seamless access to E-journals and E-books


Learning Resource Centre for Physically challenged

Foot Pedal Mouse

Mouth Stick Mouse

5 Finger Typist

Tactic Touch Pad Mouse Emulator

Email, Internet Search facility